Kathy Amarati

Hi, I’m Kathy Amarati.

Let me tell you a little bit of my background. Around 6 years ago, I got interested in fashion photography. I bought a DSLR camera which almost cost me a fortune, a complete lighting system, and put up a small studio. I had the passion, but I later realized I didn’t have the skills and knowledge on how to take professional photographs of models. My shots were rejected by clients and modeling agencies alike. I remember them saying my photos were drab, boring, and one client even sighed while looking at my portfolio. After half a year of no success I was at the brink of bankruptcy! Maybe even worse, I was in despair!

My dream of being a fashion photographer was crumbling. And since I put all of my savings into that business, I was literally broke. So I needed to find a solution, I needed some help or else I’d be out of business in just a couple more months.

I tried all that I could to improve my fashion photography skills. I borrowed fashion magazines from friends and studied all the photos in them. I tried to find that perfect pose which would make any model stand out especially in photos. And then a friend offered me a book called, “The Perfect Pose: Photography And Modeling Guide” by Harriett Shepherd and Lenore Meyer. After having tried everything else, I decided to give this one last shot! If this didn’t work, I really didn’t know what to do.

I was a bit skeptical at first if it would do anything for me. I was wrong. That book was a catch! It contained the authors’ years of research on what makes the perfect modeling pose every time. It was the ideal guide for both the photographer and the model. I followed all the tips and put them into practice. Soon I could see the improvements in my shots and clients also started to notice.

I didn’t think it was possible but just over a few months I regained my confidence and for the first time I finally felt and acted like a professional fashion photographer. This book really changed my life.

And because of the tremendous contributions the book gave me, I decided to share it with people who are also feeling out of luck in the world of modeling. That’s why I contacted the copyright owner and got the rights to make this book publicly available. If you want to be a professional fashion photographer or model, you definitely need this book!

I am now more than satisfied with the way my life has turned out because of this book. I’m certain you will experience the same.

become a model

You too can become a model when you know the perfect pose.