Careers And Fashion Modelling

by David Jenyns

A fashion model’s job first appears to be one of a glamorous one. But, there are many requirements to becoming a successful fashion model. While watching different television channels, you would have come across models in ads or fashion channels that have svelte and appealing shapes, and that exhibiting a great deal of poise. And in all probability you might have wished that you could also become one. It is not just the fame and attention that lures an individual to become a model, but the big money that is involved in these assignments.

Modelling is a career that needs a lot of travelling to exotic locations, attending celebrity parties and earning big dollars for every assignment. Most of the people like us want to be in the limelight, rub shoulders with some of the popular faces in the fashion circuit, and indulge in the various activities there; but modelling is much more than that, contrary to many people’s imagination. If you want to take up modelling as your career, you need to possess some appealing physical attributes. You have to first rate yourself and gauge your weaknesses and strengths that can make or mar your prospects. Nobody is perfect, but any person can work on his or her flaws and can improve on his/her plus points. For instance, a model’s height has to be at least 5’8″ or more than that, and the body weight should be in proportion to that.

Fashion models are known for their unusual or strange diets and exercise regimens. They need to undergo rigorous training methods to maintain the required body proportions required of a professional model. The skin should be glowing and healthy without any kind of scars or blemishes.  The hair should look healthy and without any kind of damages or split ends. The model’s teeth should be in the same line and not flawed in any manner. A million dollar smile has got the potential to do half the job and fetch you the much coveted assignments. However, aside from all the excitement and fun, the modelling job demands dedication, commitment and a burning interest in all the endeavours. The work schedules can be erratic; models are expected to balance their work life schedules, giving due consideration to their personal health.

You need to get noticed by a good modelling agency in order for you to grow and flourish. The agencies are always on the look out for fresh and appealing faces. And, if you happen to be at the right place at the right time, you may land yourself a lucrative contract for some modelling assignments. Do take effort to search for them, and this can give you the real impetus as you give the associated people the required push. You should send out your impressive portfolios to as many modelling agencies as possible. It is important that you make your portfolio simple yet brilliant and effective. But it is not necessary that you spend a lot of money to make an excellent portfolio.

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