Fashion Modelling and Commercial Modelling

by David Jenyns

Models, either male or female, act as props for the display of fashion items such as dresses, jewellery, fashion accessories and the like. Modelling can be subdivided into two types called fashion modelling and commercial modelling. Fashion modelling is an inevitable and intrinsic part of the fashion clothing industry. Leading designers take the help of fashion models to walk the ramp in fashion and modelling shows in order to display their fashion collections. Fashion models come in handy when they are used for photo shoots. These kinds of assignments require these models to show certain emotions and feelings through their body language and face. So, it can be said that fashion models need to have a little amount of acting skills as well. And, it is not uncommon for famous fashion models to use their modelling career as just a stepping stone to a full fledged acting career. High fashion models and commercial models consist of a regular crop of top models that happen from time to time. Several of the top models have specialized in high fashion modeling. In these assignments, artistic themes are the ones that are usually used as backdrops. These kinds of fashion and modelling assignments pay well and act as a value addition to a model’s portfolio. In fact, just a few high end fashion assignments carried out with a leading photographer is enough and more to turn a budding model into a top model.


Commercial models do assignments such as fashion catalogues, cosmetics, print magazines, etc. Several commercial models have gone on to become high paid famous top models as their names get recognized in each and every household. The services of these top models are often very much sought after for purposes of product endorsements.

Though fashion photographs of some of these top models with their smiling faces may seem to suggest the likelihood of a luxurious life, it is the kind of luxury that is hard earned after doing hundreds of fashion shows and shoots. These sessions would have taken a lot of time and effort to get completed. The common masses always envy them when they walk down the ramps. A majority of us wants to swap places with these fashion models whenever we see their faces in the glossy pages of fashion magazines. The life style maintained by models is what many of us dream of to enjoy. But, research studies state that it is not all about just the glitz and glamour surrounding these ramp models. They too suffer and enjoy their own share of pain and success respectively. Wearing some tight skirts or pants and doing ramp walk on those four-inch shoes could lead to many problems including leg, back, spine and neck problems. The longer a fashion model wears high-heeled shoes, the more is the risk to the normal curve of her back; this causes her pelvis to tip forward a little bit. It will also destabilize the balance of the body. So, models must ponder on some of these points.




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