Having The Right Features To Become A Fashion Model

by David Jenyns

Once you attain the position you deserve or you get established in the world of fashion you are likely to receive loads of money for just having the good looks. And, there would be numerous people who will idolize you for your good looks as well as for your talent. Numerous are the numbers of young girls and boys that dream of living the life of a successful fashion model someday. But, the job or career is more challenging than they realize. Apart from the mandatory requirement of exceptional physical looks or beauty, you also need to have superior mental traits to help you survive and glitter in the world of fashion industry as well as in your competitor community.

A good amount of talent is a necessary factor for a person to become a fashion model. Beauty will only take you to a limited height in modelling. While in front of the camera simply looking into the object constitutes only one aspect of modelling. There is always much more to it than meets the eye. In a way it is kind acting in a movie. You have to transform in order to become the character or concept you are modelling for. You should have the ability and talent to project or portray an emotion through the facial expressions you bring forth along with your body language. The primary job of a fashion model is to make any type of product or concept look good and appealing to the market segment to which it is catering to. This aspect goes beyond just the clothing and the accessories. They are supposed to make anything look appealing with their presence or exhortation.

Let us face the hard fact; if these models do not project the goodwill, or they do not sell the product with their prowess or charisma, there is no point in having them in the ads. Some models also walk the ramps and runways. To carry one self in a proper and dignified manner, the right posture as well as the right gait must be practised and learned.

It is unfortunate that one’s personality and inner beauty do not have any influence when it comes to promotion in the world of fashion. A certain and unique look must always accompany a fashion model. A female model’s bust and hips have to be 34 inches ideally; and her waist has to be 24 inches. Again, they should stand tall at a minimum 5 feet 8 inches length or more to stand a chance.

Since vital statistics or measurements such as these happen to be very extreme, they have resulted in many eating disorders among the fashion models community. There is an option or segment for overweight people called plus size modelling. Plus size modelling option is for people with bigger figures and features. An average sized woman may not fall into either of the extreme categories. There are still some modelling houses and agencies that are hesitant to accept models that are underweight or overweight.

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