Model Poses — Professional Photography Poses Tips 15-22

by David Jenyns


Model poses have been prominent since the beginning of photography, even the beginning of portait poses in studio painting.  Still, many photographers would benefit from just a handful of crucial tips that can make the difference between an exceptional photograph and just any man or woman posing.  These tips tell you how to pose to get it right:

15. Make it comfortable.  Avoid awkward moments.  For some models — especially if this is one of their first experiences — being photographed can lead to unwelcome expectations.  Don’t ask them to do things that are unnatural to them or the attempt to instill clever poses will be worse than no poses at all.

16. Find enjoyable activities.  Fashion poses do not need to be formulaic.  You will achieve better images by photographing a man or while while they are doing something that they enjoy, in a candid-type style.  Simple activities like throwing a ball or engaging in another activity can make for engaging images.

17. Get close.  People like to see the details and like to feel like they are very nearby the subject of the photo.  This does not mean using a zoom lens and tightening the frame around a model’s face — actually get close to the subject to get a better shot.

18. Go outdoors.  As in most types of photography, a stunning background and sunlight make for better pictures.  Nature shots do not need to be as grand as the ocean — just some trees or grass make all the difference.

19. Use angles.  Professional photographers know that straight on shots, framed without angles are astonishingly boring.  For better photography poses, use at least two types of angles:  turn the model in an angle from the camera and tilt the frame slightly to give some zest.

20. Use props.  Model poses are immeasurably improved when the subject is composed with some key element of the setting or some objects that they are holding — this can be chairs, picnic blankets outdoors, musical instruments, sports equipment, bicycles, or whatever best matches their personality.

21. Lean.  It is no accident that many poses for modeling involve leaning against some object, such as a wall or tree or pole.  The juxtaposition of a human body at an angle with a another object results in attractive impression that is rarely boring to the viewer.

22. Be creative!  Avoid the classic and formulaic structures of conventional model poses.  Use these posing tips to experiment and enjoy!


Danny Anderson is a professional photographer and a contributor to Professional Photography Poses.

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Hiring Talent: Free to Join. This ain’t voguing, it’s posing! Jennifer Ohlsson runs through what to do and what not to do when posing for photograph.
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