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I’m sure we’d both agree model photographers and posing models themselves are paid extremely well – if they’re good at what they do. But what makes the difference between a weekend hack and a super model or photographer to the stars?

I’ve pondered this question, as I’m sure you have, for a great while and with all the models and photographers I’ve studied, I’ve invariably come to the same conclusion every time.

In short, anyone at the top of their game has invested a great deal of time and energy into studying their craft.

With that in mind, I think I might have taken this to the extreme… I’m pretty much a modeling fanatic. The truth is I’m always on the internet looking at anything and everything I can find on modeling and model photography.

Along The Way I’ve Found Information That’s Just Plain Wrong…

Along the way I’ve found tons of information that’s just plain wrong – information, I think, that does more harm than good. If you’re like me, you’ve probably found your fair share of the same – you may not have even realized it was harmful.

Anyway, a few months back I was doing some research on Harriett Shepherd and Lenore Meyer two of the most respected model photographers of all time and I uncovered a gem.

If you’re looking to become a model or take model photography I have found the model posing guide bible.

Introducing “The Perfect Pose”…

This book is not a compilation of ‘Do’s and Dont’s.’ It seeks to organize thought on the part of photographers, directors and models as to where posing for camera begins and how it is accomplished. Step by step, the reader is taken through the major and minor components of the posing figure and how they function in relation to the camera – their possibilities and their limitations.Perfect Pose

Once you know how the figure functions, and the results thereby obtained, it is up to you to decide whether the pose is desirable or undesirable for the job at hand. For instance, a certain hand position during your posing for camera may be generally recognized as awkward or conspicuous. This position would be undesirable if you wanted your picture to express grace and loveliness. On the other hand, it could very well serve to characterize a gangling teenager or call attention to an object or important copy in an advertisement.

Here’s a few more things you’ll discover in “The Perfect Pose”…

  • Different modeling postures and when to use them – all with illustrated examples.
  • How to correctly study people, and their movements, to help you know when to snap that perfect shot.
  • How to master the most difficult aspect of all – “getting the hands right”. Discover what ‘hand stops’ are and how they can get you positioning a person’s hand’s in the most natural way.
  • Posing to make the legs, feet, and rear look their best.
  • Getting the right expression and creating a mood in your image.
  • Establishing a basic composition and post, then refining it through small adjustments.
  • A little known 4 step method to building the perfect pose.

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Here’s the proof!

I have tried the techniques mentioned in the book and now I’m earning a good income from fashion photography, to think I had considered it merely as a hobby.

But don’t take my word for it, read what a satisfied customer had to say:

“I was very excited to see your on-line book of posing for models.

I found it useful for any person that I photograph…not just “models”. When I meet with my clients, just before the session, I explain (readers digest version) about how I will be posing them. When I have showed the shadows from your book, I have seen more success and ease with working with the models than not showing them the shadows. Some people are just “visual” learners. This has made my sessions more streamlined and efficient because the models have a more clear understanding and visual of what I want to achieve.

Excellent for any use when photographing clients. I loved it! I have numerous books about posing and modeling…this was by far the most detailed book and one that provided me with a more solid foundation of the basics of posing!”

Andrea K, Photographer and Studio owner

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And that’s just the beginning.

In short, you’ll get over 50 years life experience condensed into one book.

Please note: This book is not meant to impose personal opinions upon you. Its intent is to increase your awareness of how symmetry of figure in pictures follows a consistent pattern. That pattern, when analyzed, establishes basic truths that beat like a motif throughout prize-winning and time-tested pictures. These truths are the fundamentals of posing for camera.

All art (and I do consider posing for camera an art) as well as a science, has its basic fundamentals. Teachers readily admit that rules have a tendency, at first, to be confining. However, after they are learned well, creativity springs from the sound foundation they form.

This isn’t some tiny 30 page ebook either – it’s fully loaded with prized information in over 250 pages! As your skill and knowledge develop, you yourself will burst the confines of these basics of posing for camera to improvise in good taste. No longer will you be laden with technicalities; you will be free to create.

So go ahead, download your model posing guide now for $[GetPrice].

Are you still thinking about it? Please let me remove your risk completely with my…

No Questions Money Back Guarantee.

Grab your copy of “The Perfect Pose”, and if you’re not happy for any reason simply let me know and I’ll refund your purchase 100%. I can’t be fairer than that.

Order now and I guarantee you’ll be thrilled.

Here’s To The Perfect Pose,

Kathy Amarati


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