What do other people think of “The Perfect Pose”?

“I just recently bought your ebook, ‘The Perfect Pose’.

Let me congratulate you on a most unexpected, thoroughly comprehensive, useful, and thought provoking guide.

It is more than a guide, it is a complete resource on the design of of poses. Rather than simply showing a variety of poses, the book goes beneath the skin as it were and explains how poses can be constructed, and how the photographer can instruct the model simply and accurately to reproduce a particular pose, something which most photographers would have found frustratingly difficult.

I can thoroughly recommend this ebook to any photographer or model interested in improving their craft.”

Paul Campbell


“I was really questioning as to why I had taken on this assignment knowing that the models were inexperienced, I could see a migraine coming. Rehearsal was a disaster-But, with the help of your book the shoot was a success!

I had all the participants read a few chapters I had chosen, 2 days before the show and what a difference it made in the quality of their performance and confidence.

Above all, I received many thanks from all for allowing them to have some insight as to what was expected of them and for giving them the self confidence to get the job done! Thanks for your help in making my job a little easier AND without a migraine!”



“I was very excited to see your on-line book of posing for models.

I found it useful for any person that I photograph…not just “models”. When I meet with my clients, just before the session, I explain (readers digest version) about how I will be posing them. When I have showed the shadows from your book, I have seen more success and ease with working with the models than not showing them the shadows. Some people are just “visual” learners. This has made my sessions more streamlined and efficient because the models have a more clear understanding and visual of what I want to achieve.

Excellent for any use when photographing clients. I loved it! I have numerous books about posing and modeling…this was by far the most detailed book and one that provided me with a more solid foundation of the basics of posing!”

Andrea K, Photographer and Studio owner


“As a self taught and ever learning photographer I have primarily focussed on still life and landscape photography. I have taken very few portrait shots I would consider worthy of showinging not even to the one posing.

From the moment I began reading “The Perfect Pose”, human photography started to become a bit less intimidating and I am starting to apply some of what I have read bit by bit.

What I have I enjoyed most about the book is its simplicity of explanation without insulting the reader.

The use of shadow figures simplifies the learning process by removing the distractors of clothing and accessories and the use of lines within the diagrams reinforces the basics of posing.

The breakdown of posing into body components and building on those in a structured manner makes “The Perfect Pose” an asset for anyone interested in developing skills as a portrait or model photographer.”

Paul Harnish
Riverpirate Photography


“Hi Kathy,

I just wanted to say that I think your book is incredible and is pretty much one of a kind. I was recently thrown into a situation where I have to take promotional photographs of models and music bands. I am not a professional photographer but am actually an Information Technology professional. However, it is one of those things where a family member saw my Nikon DSLR (and my big lenses) and thinks that I must be a pro photographer because I have this equipment.

Not one to back down on a challenge, I spent a lot of time at Borders, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble looking for a variety of books to quickly get me up to speed with Photoshop, photography, and lighting. These subjects are easy to find books for.

The problem came when one of these amateur models looked to me for advice on how to pose. Back to the bookstores I went looking for info and came up flat. Sure there are books on posing but all of them are basically cookie-cutter type books that just list different poses. Cookie cutter type books are good to get you started, but they don’t give you the further theory to get you past the amateur stage and into the professional understanding of a subject. Your book is the only book I found that has actually got me into understanding the theory of model posing (and I haven’t even gotten to the advanced section yet).

Thanks to your book (as well as a few other photography books), I have actually started making some good money doing photography on the side.”

Mark Ruiz
Wilmington, CA (USA)


“This is the best book on the subject of posing ever produced. It covers every possible feature of a good or great pose. Every model and every photographer should study this book!”

Dale Becker


“The book ‘The Perfect Pose’ is a foundation in mastering the art of posing. I recommend to study this book to the novices and professional photographers.”



“I was really satisfied with this e-book. To be honest I didn’t think that the posing could be so interesting.
I like the detailed presentation of the poses and the tons of the examples by each category. Now I can prepare myself to the coming photo-shoot far better than previous.

I think it’s a must-have book!”

Miklós Marczis


“I look forward to being able to apply the things I learn from the book in every situation where someone is posing in front of my camera, seeing instantly where small changes need to happen and most importantly the absolute confidence these changes are in the best interest of my client.

One thing I can’t wait to try is the standing someone in front of a light behind a white backdrop and posing the shadow, wow! What a cool concept! Thanks so much and I’ll let you know when I’m finished.”



“Unlike most books that I looked at, “The Perfect Pose” actually provides a structured approach to evaluating, developing, and communicating poses. I have recommended it to two new models who I may work with regularly, and both are using it to analyze poses from magazines, to practice, and to develop their own poses. I use it to develop poses that I want to communicate to the model. I both diagram the pose and use your communication techniques to convey my wishes to the model.

‘The Perfect Pose’ presents a progression of theory and exercises that if followed, will almost certainly improve any model’s or photographer’s ability to evaluate, modify, and improve their poses.”

Dave Moon, Photographer